Amarillo Slim Preston:A Successful Gambler

Amarillo Slim Preston

Amarillo Slim Preston

Amarillo Slim Preston is by far and away one of the most entertaining, colorful and successful gamblers of all time. Noted for his ability to bet on anything and win, Slim was revered by his peers and loved by the general public, including casino fans.

Having been raised in Texas, Slim started hustling people from a young age, starting out in the local pool halls where he quickly became one of the best players in America. Known for his ability to sweet talk anyone into making a bet with him, Slim soon began touring the country looking for action before he teamed up with legendary poker players Doyle Brunson and Sailor Roberts.

Operating as a trio the team would travel the backroom poker circuit and profit from the regulars before moving on to the next game. In 1972 Slim won the World Series of Poker and soon became a national celebrity thanks to his appearances on shows such as The Tonight Show.

While Slim was able to profit at the poker table, as well as other staple casino games such as blackjack and roulette, he was most noted for his extravagant prop bets. Such bets included playing a world champion table tennis player using a frying pan for a bat and taking on legendary pool player Minnesota Fats using a broom handle.

Never without his trademark Stetson, Slim is arguably the most charismatic gamblers of modern times and even after his death in 2012, he’ll certainly be long remembered for all his betting exploits.

Amarillo, the professional gambler known for his poker skills