Best Sites for Online Poker Tournaments

Single table poker tournaments are often the cheapest way to play poker. They consist of 6 to 10 players playing for the top 3 places. In single table tournaments, new players cannot enter the table once the game has begun, nor can they leave the tournament before the final result is in, unless they lose to the other players. In the event a player wishes to leave early, his hands would be folded each round and he would remain eligible to play his blinds until his chips ran out and he lost.

These tables are often seen as the best for people learning the advanced skills in the game, and those who don’t have time for multi table tournaments. One great place to find these tournaments is our poker section. In these games there is a cost which is set in stone from registration, unless re-buys are available. This makes it easy to track how much you spend and how much you earn while playing the game. The tables will range in price from as little as £0.10 all the way up into the hundreds of pounds for those with a little more nerve (and definitely more cash to burn). The big disadvantage in these games, however, is that the players in the lower cost spectrum will play a lot more from a luck perspective then one of skill, personally I learnt to play online in tables that cost around £2 per table and now I play anywhere from the £2 tables all the way up to those costing £10.

Learning to play here however, is the fundamentals for how you play in multi-table tournaments, cash games, and even the real world. It was very easy for me to pick up the skills necessary to win a few tables, and eventually I lost very little, and now seem to be constantly coming away even. Therefore I would definitely say that these games have a limit to how much you can improve, and to go on to the next step, we need to look at other tables.