Best Casino Sites for Playing Online Slot Games

Before the advent of new casino games the slot machine was one of the first casino games available and it has remained to be one of the most popular casino game. There is no casino that you can go to and fail to miss the slot machines. With the coming of internet, the need for casinos to attract many customers has led to casinos developing online slot games. Even in the real casinos, the available slot machines have been changed from the mechanical type to the digital type that applies the same functions as online slot games when it comes to operations.

It is important that before you participate in any slot game that you ask if the online casino you are dealing with is genuine and honest. One should check the online casinos payout audits that have been audited by an independent audit firm like GPWA and also look at how they make their payments because some online casinos are known not to make payments or even delay with the payments.

One way of determining the best casinos for playing online slots games is by joining an online gaming community and look at their reviews as the reviews will greatly help you in choosing the best casinos to deal with. The best casinos offer variety of slot games to its players as this helps to market the casinos.

online-slots-gamesRecommend Slot Games

Some of the best known casinos for playing online slot games are discussed briefly in the article. The Fly Casino offers a variety of online slot games which provides the players with many options. The casino does not require you to register with them so as to be able to participate in their slot games. For ardent online slot players, the casino once in a while organizes slot tournaments that allow multiple players and you can either play free of charge or by paying a small fee. The prize money can be as much as $20,000. The casino also gives all its new players who have signed up a bonus.

Another good slots casino is the Lucky Red. The casino offers slot games which are exclusively found in Slotland. They offer the 3 and 5 Reel Slots which is an online slot game that is a combination of traditional slot game and classic video game. The casino also organizes slot tournaments for its players. They mainly have six slot tournaments and they include St. Patrick’s Party, Autumn Party and Cool Easter Party among others. The casino makes its payments on time.

The All Star Slots is the one of the best online slot casinos as they mainly give focus on slot games. The casino offers all its new members a $787 sign up bonus and they make their payments on time. They offer forty five multi-line slots for its players and such attracts most players.

There is also the Omni casino that offers a welcome bonus of 100%. They also offer other online games and they have daily and weekly rewards. Other Casinos include Platinum Play and Mr. Green. Video slots of the best entertainment are now available from our European online casino websites.