Top Bingo Sites in Europe

For casino players, the idea of No Deposit is nothing new and, for many, the percentage of the pot paid to players for their participation can be useful in building their next bankroll. However, with poker players increasingly eager to spread their wings in search of new games and new excitement, and with online bingo the game casino players often choose to augment their natural game, they can be comforted in the knowledge that bingo players enjoy their own form of rakeback in the form of free games and bonus points.


Free bingo is a relatively new phenomenon, but it has proved extraordinarily successful. Not only does the concept offer players new to the game the opportunity to try their hands before they have to make any deposits, but it also offers them the huge potential for winnings. Given that the rakeback in poker varies dependent on the provider, game and competition rules, the very fact that no money is deposited by the player in a game of free bingo means that, in essence, the rake in such a game is 100%!


Naturally, in paying bingo there is no free bonus as a given. The bingo house makes profits from card sales and returns on its side games and instants, the like of which have been developed to a staggering degree in recent years.


European Bingo providers now offer games as diverse as any on the sites of traditional online casinos, usually drawing in players with wacky titles such as Cleopatra Slots and Happy Mushroom. It is this continuing variance that has spelled the recent success of free bingo emporiums.


This drive and success has seen a plethora of new sites appear, thus continuing the growth of the industry. Just as rakeback brings poker players back to the table, free games – often with increasing or progressive jackpots – and redemptive bonus or reward points draw customers back to their favourite online bingo provider in Europe and UK. As sites grow and bonuses increase, the bingo houses can offer greater and greater jackpots, thus ensuring that their customers return.


While poker players may initially turn to bingo as a brief diversion from their true passion, EU bingo and poker forums alike are often awash with comments highlighting the game’s new-found popularity. After turning to bingo, poker players return to their own games and sites with a clean mind and a fresh perspective. Though they may enjoy the percentage rakeback they receive, they can rest assured that there will always be online bingo games waiting for them when they need a change of scenery.